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At K&L Plating, we specialize in tailoring our plating processes to your custom needs. We follow military, government, and industry specifications, and can adjust our treatments to comply with your desired specifications and specific metal or alloy. We’re an approved supplier for some of the largest aerospace and defense contractors in the United States.

Committed To Quality Plating Processes

Each plating job we perform goes through our own internal quality assurance process because we care about maintaining our reputation as high-quality plating experts who can be trusted to do consistently great work. Our promise to you is this: We take our work very seriously, because we know that you do too. We want to exceed your expectations through the quality of our work and customer service.

Our Processes

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized aluminum has a protective coating that adds hardness, durability, and resistance to corrosion and wear.
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Chemical Film

Chemical film conversion adds a protective coating to aluminum, improving its adhesive qualities so you can add a finish coating.
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Electroless Nickel Plating

This process coats complex substrates with a corrosive-resistant nickel coating, without the use of an electrical coating.
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Passivation is an important step in cleaning and decontaminating stainless steel, ensuring a durable, rust-resistant product.
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Phosphate Conversion Coating

This type of plating provides a protective base for iron and steel substrates. It also provides a non-reflective finish or a primer for organic coatings.
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Solid Film Lubricant

Also known as dry film lubricant, this is a permanent, durable lubricant used with high pressures, high temperatures, or where grease is prohibited.
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Zinc Plating

Zinc metal plating is an economical way to protect metal against corrosion, and is commonly used for fasteners, weldments, and parts.
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Value Added Services

In addition to our main plating processes, we offer several value added services for your next project. From pre-treatment pickling and baths to finishing and CARC painting, you can save time and money by having all these treatments done under our umbrella.


Also known as embrittlement relief or stress relief, baking is done after cleaning, pickling, or plating most metals. This allows hydrogen to escape naturally, improving the adhesion of the plating to the substrate, as well as increasing the hardness of the plating.


This step provides a uniform matte finish before decorative processing. In this process, we use glass beads or powder to remove scale and rust, while also blending imperfections on the substrate surface.

Bright Dips

A chemical polishing process that brightens and improves the appearance of finishes on aluminum, brass, and copper.

CARC Painting

Durable paint system that is resistant to chemical & biological attacks, with improved visual and IR camouflaging.


Chemical etching is used to remove metal from the substrate surface. This is done to improve appearance, remove burrs and oxidation, and give a satin finish to the material.


A pre-treatment, pickling prepares the substrate for plating. While each process requires specific pickling, in general it cleans corrosion, rust, and blemishes from the fabrication process.

Preventive Compound Solvent

This is a corrosion prevention treatment applied to metal substrates as a protective film. Following MIL-C-16173 specs, this solvent is adjusted based on the intended use, appearance, and tolerances.


All our processes go through rigorous internal QA testing, to ensure each order meets your requirements and desired industry specifications.

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