Metals We Work With

At K&L Plating, our team brings decades of experience working with a variety of processes and materials. Our goal is to provide quality metal plating services that meet your project’s needs and specifications.

See some of the substrate materials we work with and the processes that go with them.


Aluminum and aluminum alloys are one of the most popular materials to work with due to its durability, strength, and light weight. Our metal plating processes can provide a protective coating to enhance aluminum’s performance.

Aluminum Processes:



Extend the longevity and durability of your steel substrate with metal platings and coatings. These finishes can protect your steel from corrosion, wear, and chemical damage.

Steel Metal Plating Processes:


Stainless Steel

For corrosive environments and applications, we can passivate stainless steel for rust & corrosion protection. Our processes are customized to your specific grade of stainless steel, ensuring an optimal result.

Stainless Steel Finishing Processes:



Popular for its conductivity and malleability, copper substrates are commonly plated to prevent corrosion and reduce friction.

Copper Metal Plating Processes:



Thanks to zinc plating, you can provide durability and corrosion resistance to your iron parts or substrates.

Iron Finishing Processes:


Additional Metals and Alloys

Have a unique metal or custom alloy you want finished or coated? We can help. All our processes can be customized to meet your demands and specifications. Contact us to discuss your project’s needs and how we can help.

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