At K&L Plating, we are here to help your next project work well. Our team can provide technical assistance, advice, and support to ensure your metal plating exceeds your expectations.

Bundled Services

Learn how we can save you time and money with several of our value added services. In addition to our standard plating services, we offer baking, etching, testing, and CARC painting, thus reducing your costs for shipping and need to find another contractor.

On-Site Quality Assurance

Our plating processes undergo rigorous QA testing in-house. All our testing adheres to MIL spec and ensures our processes meet your desired industry specifications. Learn more by requesting a copy of our Quality Assurance Manual.


Our staff is always willing to answer questions and help you with your plating needs. From finding the right process for your project to explaining military and government specifications, we are here to help.


Resources for Project Managers & Purchasing Agents

We know how hard your job can be: balancing budgets, schedules, and engineering requirements as you search for the ideal contracting partner.
We are here to help.

Read these articles to see our advice and tips as you work with your metal plating partner.

We're a Trusted Supplier for Major Defense/Military Contractors

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